O&M - Operations & Maintenance

Operations and MaintenanceAt Celeros, we offer site-based; Preventive, Corrective and Special maintenance services for Telecom sector. Maintenance relating to Civil, Electrical and Mechanical works is part of services offered.

Celeros exercises strict quality and standardized management as well as implementation of services offered. We manage operation teams, analyze and control the effect of the offered services by electronic and automated means, improve the efficiency and ensure the quality of the offered services.

Celeros provides Operation and Maintenance Services for Access and Core Network Sites includes, and is not limited to following:

  • Power systems
  • Transmission systems
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works
  • Fire protection system
  • Earthing System
  • Refueling for BTS
  • Asset management
  • TI Maintenance

Service Categories

Celeros O&M services are segregated in to:

  • Preventive Maintenance (monthly)
  • Corrective maintenance (trouble ticket)
  • Special maintenance (work orders)

Sufficient staff is dedicatedly assigned to execute the complete scope of work as per SLA capable of fully utilizing the State-of-the Art tools deployed. Web based intelligent CRM system, timely reporting and flexible coordination, Approved SOPs and expert Human Resource enables customer to fully rely on and be satisfied with the implementation. Customers are able to visualize the clear picture of the network status provided with the intelligent feedback and careful implementation of procedures from us.