RF - Radio Frequency

Celeros combines state-of-the art equipment utility and quality processes with the use of analysis, testing, measurement techniques and field surveys.

RF Services

Celeros RF Services can be summarized as:

Consulting Audit Design
Business Feasibility
Wireless Policy
Architecture Design
Technology Roadmap
Network Dimensioning
Site Footprint
Design Baseline
Design Validation
In-Building Design
Outdoor Design
Cellular Integration
Propagation Model Tuning
Optimization Manage  
In-Building Optimization
Outdoor Optimization
Network Optimization
Cellular Benchmarking
Testing and Measurement
Maintenance & Support


RF Solutions

Celeros offers a range of solutions for the cellular industry, such as:
Radio Frequency
     •   Propagation Model Calibration
     •   Visual and Radio Surveys
     •   Network Dimensioning
     •   System design
     •   In-Building Design
     •   Outdoor Design
     •   Site Footprint
     •   Drive Testing
     •   Benchmarking
     •   Network Optimization
     •   Signaling/protocol
     •   System validation
     •   Spectrum analysis
     •   System Enhancement
     •   Demand/traffic analysis