TI - Telecom Installations

Celeros offers Installation services for all Telecom Equipment including but not limited to Core Network, Access Network, Transmission, Power and External Alarm System. We utilize state of the art tools in our installation procedures to meet the standards agreed and to deliver best service to the customers.

Telecom Installation procedures come into effect after the completion of site civil works and site survey. The site survey results are transformed into detailed documents for each site which form the basis of the outdoor and indoor installation planning, preparation and execution.

Each new site is installed in accordance with Engineering Plans/Drawings, Technical Specifications and Standards specified by the customer.

Telecom Installations Installation Processes
Celeros offers Telecom Installation solutions that include installation of following major categories of equipment, but are not limited to them.

  • Microwave and Transmission Equipment
  • GSM Equipment (Indoor and Outdoor, including all types of core and access equipments)
  • Power Installation including Genset, Rectfiers and Batteries
  • All Environmental Equipments including Air Conditioning Installation.
  • Engineering Survey
  • Engineering Survey Reports / Plans
  • Telecom Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Provisional Acceptance Testing