VAS - Value Added Services

Value added services and products are integral part of the Celeros business as our objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our value addition is based upon well researched customer needs.

Our Value added services include;

  • Celeros Response Management – CRM
  • E-Celeros

Celeros Response Management (CRM)

CRM, A Web Based Celeros Response Management System, is one of the value add-ons to Celeros O&M services. CRM focus is to achieve excellence by swift response and in time delivery of services to customers. Read more……


Celeros believes in optimum use of technology reducing the processing period manifold. E-celeros is where you will find the announcement of tenders for services and products required by the company. The announcement is floated on the web highlighting the deadline for a specific period for which the tender invitation is valid and then it is closed. . Read more……